Car Mats

Choose the best car mats and keep your car’s interior clean protecting it from dirt, water and stains. With Autocovers, quality is a guarantee.

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All of the car mats sold through Auto Covers are subject to at least a 1-year warranty. Whether the product falls under the conditions of provided warranty or not is decided on a case-to-case basis. 

In the unlikely event of you needing to use the provided warranty, here are the steps to follow:

  • Please contact our Customer Support;
  • Make sure to provide pictures/videos to our Customer Support, showcasing the problem or issue you are experiencing with your car cover;
  • After careful consideration, our Customer Support specialist will contact you to talk about proceeding to the solution: which can either be repair or replacement of your car cover.

In case we agree to go forward with the replacement procedure, here is the approximate process you can expect:

  • The customer will need to ship the car mat back to us. The terms of return shipping are outlined in our return policy guideline.
  • As soon as we receive the mat in our fulfillment center, we will inspect the product, provide you with a detailed report and offer either a replacement or refund option in accordance with our return policy guidelines. 

The following cases will not be considered eligible for the warranty: 

  • In case there is any physical damage, other than you have initially indicated, to the car mat you sent back to us in the package;
  • In case the customer doesn’t provide any proof that the mat doesn’t fit his/her car 
  • In case the customer doesn’t provide any proof of purchase, i.e., email. Invoice.