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Choose the best car mats and keep your car’s interior clean protecting it from dirt, water and stains. With Autocovers, quality is a guarantee.

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Car Mats

Any BMW should be protected from harmful effects of mud, spills and dirt. The interior of your car should always stay clean and dry, no matter your actions. This is where the BMW car mats come into play. By purchasing and installing the car floor mats for BMW, you can rest assured that nothing will harm your vehicle’s floor, and it will stay looking and smelling new for the longest time.

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We have been in this industry for an extended period, which has helped us gain valuable knowledge on everything about car mats and not only that; we have built a positive relationship with our customers. We know that every customer has unique needs and we always put that in mind when designing our car mats. Our existence in the market for such a long time is a clear indication that people trust us and love our mats.

We Offer The Best Quality Car Mats

With Autocovers, quality is a guarantee. We value our customers, and we take their vehicles as our own. We are here to help them maximize value while minimizing cost by providing them with durable car mats which ensures that they do not keep going back to the store to get replacements. If well maintained, the mats can serve you the longest period possible.

Brief History

BMW or Bayerische Motoren Werke AG is one of the best examples of excellence when it comes to the German automobile industry. It was founded more than a century ago and is still a leading producer of luxury cars worldwide. At first, it was making aircraft engines, which it later came back to during the first two world wars. 

BMW is producing cars of all types, i.e. sedans, mini sedans, SUVs, and so on. It has a reputation for sports-oriented cars, which began in 1962 with a production of mini sedans.

Benefits of BMW Car Mats

There are several advantages to owning car floor mats for BMW.

There are occupations that demand extensive time spent in the car, like delivering goods and parcels or a taxi driver. Those of you who work those jobsknow that more than once you are forced to eat inside your car, which inevitably leads to spills and garbage all over the vehicle’s floor. 

The BMW car mats also protect your car’s floor from dirt and mud, snow and rain that you can accidentally drag into your car. The metal is very sensitive to lasting and constant unwanted elements, which can lead to the untimely ageing of your vehicle. Plus, BMW car mats won’t let your feet slide and slip due to moisture and spills. 

Why Shop at

Auto Covers provides its customers with the best quality BMW car mats available on the UK market. The extensive collection and the high durability of the car mats will leave you coming back for more. We prioritise our clients’ needs, and that’s the reason we have been in the business for over a decade now. 

Being such a customer-centric company, we have a loyal and growing client base that trusts us and know they can trust us with their car protective needs. 

There are numerous benefits of shopping with us, such as a warranty on all the car floor mats for BMW and the free shipping across the whole UK, regardless of your location. We don’t want you to spend even an extra cent out of budget on your car protection needs. 

With us, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee, which basically means you have 30 days to make sure you like the car mats and that you have made the ideal choice for your vehicle. You can also contact our 24/7 customer support department via your preferred means. You can choose between call, live chat or email to make sure you get all the answers to your questions.